Advanced Bio Technology for agriculture. Guaranteed increased yield through total pollination & soil management

Increase Yield The Organic Way

Farmers have experienced increased rice yield of up to 37.5.0% with 2 spraying of ZeniRiz (3 days apart). M-RICE+ also reduces the risk factor significantly raising total profitability to a whole new level.
Using ZeniRiz results in Stronger Plants with thicker stems and deeper roots giving better quality grains with improved taste. Thereby, commanding higher market value.
ZeniRiz accounts for a small fraction of the total production cost yet increases yield significantly

Increase Yield & Profitability

ZeniRiz dramatically improves the final harvest. Done through a process called Total Pollination which results in better quality all round, Fuller and Heavier rice stalk, Puffier and More Solid rice grains, better Fragranced Rice and more Robust Rice Plants. ZeniRiz is an All-in-One Organic product. Simply spray on the specified amount during the flowering period and ZeniRiz will do the rest. Very easy to use and is Eco Friendly.

Much Improved Plant Health

When ZeniRiz is sprayed on and applied :
Male and Female pollens become stickier to each other resulting in vast Improved Pollination Rate. Leaves become more receptive to sunlight improving photosynthesis giving rise to deeper roots and stronger stems. As more nutrients are now able to be absorbed through the further reaching roots , rice plants will grow sturdier to withstand better stronger winds and downpours. There will be a significant reduction in insect infestations.

ZeniRiz vs The Elements

Rice fields are constantly exposed to the Elements. Strong Winds in particular can uproot an entire spread of rice plants. Stronger and deeper roots will give better anchorage to the plants. ZeniRiz can help improve Photosynthesis. Fungus attacks reduce yield significantly. Comes either through the air or ground soil. Makes eradication difficult, thus prevention is a better policy. Malaysia alone lost 35 Millions Tons of rice in 2016 due to diseases. ZeniRiz can help eradicate ( if early ) and protects with application. Soil Degradation is a serious problem. Normally brought on by the increased usage of Chemical Fertilizers and pesticides through the years. ZeniRiz can help. When applied it will help nutrients reach the roots by softening soil and keeping it conducive to this feeding process. Insect Infestations will see complete devastation of rice field. Normally more chemical pesticides are introduced to help this contaminates air and ground water. ZeniRiz can help. It is a natural (not total) deterrent to insects and rodents. Allows for a reduced amount of chemical usage.

Beneficial Bacteria vs Harmful Bacteria

Rice Farming is a thriving business in many parts of the world but not anymore. Countries with abundance of rice now find themselves having to import the grain to feed its population. Partly due to increased population,technology have not give nan edge to this industry. Still using methods and know how passed down from many generations ago, very little have changed except the increased reliance on modern day chemicals to ease the many problems that recently emerged to wreak havocin the industry. Diseases have become difficult to combat due to our over dependence on Chemicals. Vast amount of toxic chemicals have been poured into this industry to keep yields up. These same chemicals that was once helpful have become the root of today’s problem. Pesticides that are only effective only for a few months after conception and Fertilizers that loses its strength with each new cycle. ZeniRiz adopts a whole new approach and have been very successful towards helping present day Rice Farmers. Utilizing the latest Bio-Technology to create Super Enzymes. ZeniRiz bolster the immune system of the plants from day one giving them the best chance against today’s virulent bacterial on slaughts. It also increases the pollination rate by introducing an enzyme that does a better job than what the wind, birds and bees normally can do. ZeniRiz is 100% Organic and very friendly to all living things. It is the only environmentally friendly, effective and lowcost product in the market today to increase the profitability of farmers and help nations feed its bulging population.


Developed specifically for use with Rice Farming. Designed to encourage :
Total Pollination ( up to 99.9% ) thereby increasing yield by 10-30%. Bolstering Plants’ Growth, making it hardier with deeper roots and thicker stem to survive better through typhoon winds and heavy rain.
Application Procedure:
Spray only once on the flowers to achieve 10-15% more yield or Twice (3 days apart) to get 30%. Best results are obtained when spraying is done during early morning sunshine (after the dew evaporates) or later in the afternoon. Avoid spraying in the rain or drizzle or immediately after a downpour