Advanced Bio Technology For Aquamarine. Increases yield, growth & Health, enhances the immune system, prevent diseases, improves water quality, increases profits & reduces costs.

Increase Survival and Growth

Farmers have experienced survival of up to 95% with increased growth rates between 10% and 15%. ZeniQ Reduces the Risks Factor significantly raising profitability to a whole new level. ZeniQ Reduces Operating Costs substantially in the area soft Labor, Water & Electricity.

Increase Yield and Profitability

ZeniQ dramatically improve final harvest. This is done through bolstering the Immune System of the shrimps through Feed Improvement (20%) and Water Management (80%). Improved Feed Conversion (FCR) means shrimps are healthy and are eating well. ZeniQ isa All – In – one Organic product. Jus taddin the specific amount when require dand it will maintain both Water Quality and Shrimps ’Health. Easy to Use. Improved FCR means more profits.

Increase Health, Immunity and Water Quality

ZeniQ converts organic waste and uneaten food before they begin to decay, preventing cumulation of harmful ammonia and nitrates. When ZeniQ is consumed by the shrimps, it will stimulate an immune system response, producing inhibitory compound stoward pathogens. This will bolster the immune system of the shrimps in preparations for an inslaught diseases. Improved water quality reduces the need for water exchanges, increasing bio security

Beneficial Bacteria vs Harmful Bacteria

Shrimp Farming is a thriving business in many parts of the world but not anymore. It has become a high risk business due to the many diseases recently emerging to wreak havoc in the industry. Water borne diseases have become difficult to combat due to our dependence on Chemicals. Vast amount of toxic chemicals that have been poured into this industry to keep yield supand this same chemical that was once useful is the root of today’s problem. There are many viral diseases affecting shrimp farming today. The most devastating being the White Spot Disease (WSD). It is a challenging task to control the viral infections in the mono cultural shrimp farms as water itself acts as an excellent medium to transfer the disease at an alarming highrate. ZeniQ adopts a whole new approach towards present day shrimp farming. Utilizing the latest Enzyme Technology, ZeniQ bolster the immune system of the shrimps from day one giving them the best fighting chance against todays virulent bacteria. It also manages water quality by increasing the good material count keeping the environment healthy for their growth. ZeniQ is 100% Organic and is the most environmentally friendly yet effective product in the market today.

Neutralizes Sludge and Organic Debris

Aquaculture ponds are constantly exposed to bacteria during grow out period. Using ZeniQ to manage the bacterial community with beneficial bacteria reduces exposure to opportunistic pathogens. Gause’s Law of competitive exclusion states: Two species competing for the same resource cannot coexistat constant population values, if other ecological factors remain constant. One of the two competitors will always have an advantage over the other. ZeniQ out compete pathogens for resources. Use ZeniQ to increase the Good Bacterial community and out compete harmful organisms.

Proactive vs Reactive Proactive, consistent application is less expensive than reactive treatment. Consistent application provides the most benefit at the lowest cost while address in gallfacets of health. Reactive treatment requires more product to address the latest cris

Neutralizes Sludge and Organic Debris

ZeniQ is able to neutralize the toxic sludge and organic debris in the pond allowing less frequent discharge of the waste thus saving Man power and Water. With less toxins in the water, shrimps are less likely to fall sick thus improving the Feed Conversion Rate (FCR). Less sludge relates to better water quality, less (daily) water usage and man power thus resulting in bigger profits. Organic waste is reduced, which improves pond bottoms, reduces labor costs, and decreases pollution.


Developed specifically for use with shrimp and prawns. Designed to boost shrimp health by bolstering the immune system, increasing the good bacteria count in the water to combat pathogens including Vibrios and neutralizes organic waste and sludge. Application Procedure: Every 1ha size pond requires average 5 tons Of ZeniQ per cycle20 % for Feed Mix80 % for Water Management Normal Conditions :Add ZeniQ at the prescribed amount ONCE every 10 –15 days ZeniQ is known for its All-In-One easy to use product


ZeniQ is the safest, simplest and most cost effective way to improve your profits. With one easy to use product you can increases ruvival rate, increase growth, improve water quality, improve FCR resulting in greater increase dyields. Around the world, farmers are finding satisfaction and peace of mind in an industry that is being brought from the brink of disaster by ZeniQ Contact Enzymax Solutions today for more information and reported advantages of ZeniQ submitted by farmers around the world. Experience the benefits of ZeniQ for yourself. Try it in your operation today and never feel threatened again in your business by DISEASES. For more info & FREE Demo email us at: iinfo@enzymaxsolutions.com ENZYMAX SOLUTION S60 PAYA LEBAR ROAD, #10-36 PAYA LEBAR SQUARE, SINGAPORE 409051CONTACT : JOSEPH R CHIA +65 9620 6646