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In the Beginning

PWH is a privately funded company originally with a blueprint for researching into new herbal cures for diseases threatening mankind that present day modern medicine has no complete answers. Aided and endorsed by the University of Chung Chou. PWH scientists, till today, have been working very closely with the bio-science department of various universities to gain a foothold in the very challenging research of bio-medicine and bio-science.

During its starting years, research was focused primarily on finding a cure for Cancer and Hepatitis especially the very virulent Hepatitis ‘C’ virus using a very rare mushroom known as Androdia Camporata. This research, funded by private money, took 5 years and Dr. Chang and his team of scientist was successful in finding a perfect method of extraction, obtaining the valuable essence of these mushrooms to create a health supplement that is known to repair and protect the Liver ravaged by the virus of the prevalent Hepatitis ‘C’. This extracted essence, made into pills and liquid supplement is known also to cure early stage cancer, and to give at least relief to patients with stage 4 cancer.

Today, because this mushroom is very rare, and due to its very high cost in its production, the product is only used by the privileged few who has the means to afford it and is extremely sought after by both the Chinese and Taiwanese. Like any good and costly products, inferior and totally useless copies have started to be in the market. DR. Chang still holds the formula for the secret method of extraction and continues to produce limited amount of this Health Supplement under the Peng Wei brand.

After the success in creating a product with the Rare Mushroom, to which it has been declared to be Taiwan’s Gold by the government, Dr. Chang, already recognized in Taiwan as one of the most innovative, brilliant and progressive scientist, used his brilliance in Bio-technology to move on to the next challenging project. He picked on the then little known Microbial technology as he knew the World would need a big helping hand eventually to cut its dependence on the use of Chemicals to fight diseases, green the Earth, and grow better quality crops. It took Peng Wei Health 6 long years to create a family of very strong microbes and another 5 long years to formulate them into enzymes, each cultured for a specific role in this world of ours.

Dr. Chang’s team of scientist, picked from some of the most brilliant and young brains from Taiwan and China continued to do many years of field tests with their new family of Enzymes in Taiwan and China. Particularly in China, there is an urgent need to grow more and better crops to feed the huge rural population that increasingly finds their land less productive due to the ravages of nature and chemicals.

Tests were increasingly apparent that this new family of enzymes, when applied accordingly, could easily increase yield by over 15-20% , improve crops’ health to withstand better the ravages of nature and pests, help the very soil the crops grow on to reduce the chemicals poured on through the years and produce better and tastier fruits.

These enzymes, because of its super strength have been nicknamed Super Enzymes.

Present Day

For almost 10 years in China, Super Enzymes have been used extensively and successfully not only in agriculture but also in livestock and seafood farming as well as in water management projects.
In 2015, PWH board of directors elected to make available Super Enzymes to the western world. The world should be able to benefit from the wonders of Super Enzymes. Skypac Green was thus registered in Singapore where its strategic geographical location can eventually serve the Asian Agricultural Giants better.